Posted on Dec 22, 2016

Remember to Join the Alberta Organ and Tissue Donor Registry

It was an honour to meet Cooper Pirtle, his mother Arla Pirtle, and his grandfather Morris Irvine - the recipient of a double lung transplant - at the Legislature today.

Since receiving his transplant in 2011, Morris has had a new lease on life, founding an organization with four other lung transplant recipients to raise awareness and funds for Albertans undergoing the transplants process.

His grandson, Cooper, has at 14 years old become a strong and staunch advocate for organ donor registration and awareness. Right now, Cooper is pushing to have green ribbon coffee cups at Tim Hortons during Organ Donation Awareness month in April.

Cooper and his family are testaments to how such a simple act of filling out a form can save a life. It’s an inspiring story, but also a challenging one. We’ve had tremendous uptake on the registry, but everyone who wants to be a donor also needs to sit down with their loved ones and talk about their decision.

In the two years since the government launched the Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry and enlisted a network of registries to help, more than 250,000 Albertans have signed up to become donors.

Just one organ and tissue donor can save up to eight lives and make life better for up to 75 other people. To register your consent to donate, or to learn more about organ and tissue donation, please visit

You can read more about Cooper's family and about organ donation in Alberta here!