Posted on Apr 4, 2017

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

I heard about this incident last Wednesday while I was out door-knocking in Heritage Lakes. A mother moose was shot and killed in an interaction with Fish and Wildlife officers in Red Willow Park, adjacent to the Trail. Since then I have heard from a number of constituents, who have phoned and emailed my office to share their concerns about this event and how it was handled.

St. Albert is home to a diverse population of wildlife; almost everyone here has a story of crossing paths with a deer, moose, coyote, or even the odd wolf while enjoying our shared green spaces. The vast majority of these encounters are safe and positive, and it's both unusual and tragic if one ends in violence, as occurred last week.

This event is particularly troubling due to the fact that a mother moose was shot in front of her two calves, and in the middle of a highly-populated area in view of the St. Albert Trail. While the calves were safely tranquilized and re-located, it is very unfortunate that the same was not possible for their mother.

Alberta's Fish and Wildlife Officers work hard to manage and protect the animals of this province, and outcomes like this are precisely what they strive to avoid. Encounters with wild animals can be unpredictable, even for trained officers, and especially so in a highly populated area.

If you would like to discuss this matter or share your own account of the incident, please know that you are always welcome to contact my constituency office. We will be happy to connect you with appropriate resources and convey your thoughts to the relevant Ministry.

If you have concerns about how this incident was handled, I also encourage you to share your thoughts directly with Fish and Wildlife by contacting their district office at (780)427-3574.

Any loss of life is tragic and regrettable. In St. Albert, we all have a collective responsibility of being good stewards to our community and our neighbours, including local wildlife. The more we recognize that our green spaces are shared, the less likely tragic events like this are to occur.

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